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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clever Little Pod Show 20

'The Life of a Fly' - a CLP Special. Follow the fly from birthplace to grave as it buzzes around, overhearing chit-chat and gossip as it goes.Download Link

Clever Little Pod is grateful to the following for giving their voices and time to this show:

Janet and Paul Parkinson
The Flashing12 Podcast

Linda Mills
Podcast User Magazine

Jen Dixon

David Dawson
On the Wing podcast

Music featured in the show:

'Rise' by Nijole Sparkis

Sound Effects featured are from the Freesound project:

By RHumphries (
RBH_Household_closet 03.wav (
By sluzzslazz (
greenlakeamb.mp3 (
By cognito perceptu (
traffic on I-359.wav (
By Heigh-hoo (
backstraight.aif (
SatoBar.aif (
KimiMcl.aif (
JosVtpMin.aif (
By Bram (
birds_in_moms_garden.wav (
MSchFerr.aif (
By laurent (
dog 3.wav (
dog 2.wav (
dog 1.wav (

And finally, the fly itself:

By dobroide (
fly.00.wav (


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